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Peach Trees

Peach Trees make very satisfactory trees for the UK climate. Peregrine is the most reliable of all varieties; a Peregrine Peach tree is a white fleshed Peach – exceedingly sweet and flavoursome!

A Peach tree is actually very frost hardy. Johns Market Garden Peach trees are grown outdoors with no protection; our Peach trees are very fine quality and often crop the year following planting! A Peach tree can provide it’s own luscious fruits just a few months after planting/ Peach trees are very pretty in blossom with a flurry of deep rose pink scented flowers. All Peach trees are self pollinating so you don’t have to worry about cross fertilization. A Peach tree belongs to the Prunus persica family. Grown for hundreds of years, it is an accommodating species and all varieties take well to pot growing. A Peach tree on your patio is a joyous thing and can provide several dozen full sized ripe and rosy fruits. In such an area it can be kept to around 6’. If grown in the open ground your Peach tree will reach around 8’ with pruning. A home grown Peach tree in your garden will give you fruits of far finer flavour than Peaches bought from a supermarket. This is because imported fruits have to be harvested far before they are properly ripe in order to travel well. With Peach trees in fruit, the greatest amount of flavour develops in the last few days. By growing your own Peach tree and harvesting at the last moment, you can be sure your Peach tree fruits have achieved their finest potential.

Peach Trees in pots

A Peach tree will thrive in an 18” pot. Peach trees need little or no pruning. Use a soil based potting compost like John Innes no 2 for your Peach tree and this will keep it happy. Most Peach trees ripen from late June through August, according to variety. If you can grow 3 Peach tree varieties then you can enjoy a wonderful spread season. These Peach tree varieties are recommended to fruit in tandem, although there are many more: Amsden June, Rochester and Duke of York.

Dwarf Peach Tree There is a charming and novel dwarf Peach tree called Garden Lady. This is a dwarf Peach tree of very small stature, scarcely 4’ in height yet it produces lots of full sized Peaches. Not as productive as a ‘proper’ Peach tree but still a productive, enjoyable and tasty delight for the patio or conservatory.


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