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Greengage Trees

Johns Market Garden gage trees are home produced, making them the finest quality gage trees that are proven to produce a fantastic crop. The delicious fruits from our gage trees are ready for picking from around mid to late August. A Gage tree will quickly become the valuable asset to your garden because the fruits from Greengage trees are so delicious, and these delectable fruits are so seldom available in the shops.

Greengage Trees are available as both dwarf stock trees [Pixy stock] and more vigorous Greengage trees are also available, on the St Julian stock. A Greengage tree will demand the warmest, sunniest spot in your garden. Gage trees are reliably hardy but to produce a crop prolifically they prefer the warmth of the sun. A Gage tree will also thrive on a South or West wall and you can also grow dwarfing greengage trees in pots on the patio, or Gage trees as space saving columnar options.

Greengage trees fall roughly into two types. You can get ‘true’ Greengage varieties that are slightly scented, ripen bottle green and have a vivid, mouthwatering taste. Or you can get sweeter ‘golden’ Gage trees, such as Oullins Golden Gage. These Gage trees are sweeter and ideal for dessert and very juicy. The former ‘true’ Greengage tree varieties are suitable for eating fresh, but better still in pies and preserves.

Wherever and however you grow your Greengage tree, you will soon be longing for Greengage time, when you can harvest your own succulent and incredibly tasty fruits!


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