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Apricot trees

An Apricot tree will suit a warmer, sunnier aspect in your garden and can also be trained against a sunny wall. Apricot trees can also be grown in a conservatory. Apricot trees are now beginning to be planted in commercial orchards in the UK and fruits from English grown Apricot trees will soon be available in our shops. Apricot trees are more vigorous than Peach & Nectarine and quite different in appearance. An Apricot tree has slightly heart-shaped shiny foliage and flowers very early. The Apricot tree often blossoms in March in southern England, before the leaves appear. Young Apricot trees have a slightly arching habit. They have few cultural requirements except preferring the warmest aspect you can afford them. Winter frost is not so much the problem, Apricot trees are fundamentally hardy, as late spring frosts which can harm the very early flowers. Be prepared to cover the blossoming branches of your apricot tree is late spring frosts are forecast. You will then be assured of a good crop of sun kissed fruits from your apricot tree, later in the summer.

Apricot tree varieties

Moorpark is the most commonly offered variety and remains an excellent cultivar in the range of Apricot trees we offer. Other varieties of Apricot tree that come recommended include Goldcott. This is a very hardy Apricot tree variety and would do well in most areas. Tomcot is a French variety and tree of this Apricot remain very popular there. It is a very impressive Apricot tree in the garden with huge fruits which can attain the size of small Peaches! Apricot trees normally settle down to fruit within 2/3 years of planting. Apricot trees require little pruning. All varieties of Apricot tree are self fertile so there are no pollination issues to consider.

It is well worth considering planting an Apricot tree as these continue become ever more reliable. The flavour of the fruits from a home grown Apricot tree are far removed from shop bought samples. Add into the equation the astronomical cost of commercially sold fruits and you surely do not need another reason to plant an Apricot tree in your garden!


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