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Hop Vines

Hop Vines are of course not true fruiting plants but a Hop Vine has become an appropriate addition to the fruit growing area. Hop Vines aren’t just used in brewing. The young shoots of the Hop Vine can be simmered and served like asparagus – a rare treat in the Springtime. Hop Vines are very ornamental. If you have an archway or post at the entrance to your fruit growing plant a Hop Vine – the garlands of rustic catkins in the autumn and superb autumn leaf colour of the Hop Vine will transform any area. Hop Vines are super-vigorous and produce long trailing growths in one season, which you can train as you wish. Hop Vines die away completely in winter so this abundance of growth appears in one summer! Hop Vines are completely winter hardy. Johns Market Garden offers the true Hop Vine – Humulus lupulus – now there’s a name to conjure! This is the true green variety and the best for eating. We are also introducing one or two special named varieties which are used in the brewing trade, which you might like to try. These are only available in limited numbers.


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