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Mulberry Trees

So Many people covet their own Mulberry Tree. Each year Johns Market Garden sells and grows more and more Mulberry trees! They increase so much in popularity. A Mulberry Tree – whether a Black Mulberry Tree, a Weeping Mulberry Tree, or a White Mulberry Tree – seems to hold a romanticism and appeal that grows ever stronger. If you want a Mulberry Tree especially for it’s fruits then it is the Black Mulberry – Morus nigra, that should hold your attention. Black Mulberry trees have fruits with an intense, powerful flavour. Black Mulberries can be simmered with sugar and served with ice cream, or make your Black Mulberries into jams, preserves and pies! The White Mulberry Tree [Morus alba] has milder, sweeter pinkish white fruits and is ideal for eating fresh. The White Mulberry has shinier leaves than the Black Mulberry Tree. The Weeping Mulberry [Morus alba pendula and Chaparral Weeping] is grown more as an ornamental although the Weeping Mulberry also produces good sweet fruits. With the Weeping Mulberry the branches fall right down to the ground, like a waterfall.[more...]


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