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Kiwi fruit

Chinese Gooseberry plants – or Kiwi fruit plants, whichever is you preference – like a sunny south or west wall. Chinese Gooseberry plants are hardy and can thrive outdoors, but they also flourish in a greenhouse or conservatory. Kiwi fruit plants and Chinese gooseberry plants are climbers with twining stems and bristly stems and leaves. They do need some space to grow but a mature Chinese gooseberry plant can yield very abundant crops. For most varieties of Kiwi fruit plant/Chinese Gooseberry Plant you will need to plant two to cross pollinate – a male and a female plant. There is a self fertile Chinese Gooseberry you can plant, called Jenny. An excellent variety and quite compact but it doesn’t bear as prolifically as Chinese Gooseberry plants of the main varieties so if you have the space for two we would recommend you plant Kiwi fruit of the varieties Atlas and Hayward. Hayward is the female Chinese Gooseberry plant – the one that has the fruits. The Male Atlas Chinese Gooseberry plant is necessary for pollination. You can grow Kiwi fruit plants as ornamental vines – the leaves are big and very velvety and the stems have a maroon tint. Afford your Chinese Gooseberry plants a sunny spot. No pruning is necessary.


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